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    Goodbye ovaries. 


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    top gear > series 19

    james + smiles

    You gotta love a good James-y smile!

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  3. chloe-prytherch:

    Why does Richard always have jackets that I want?


    1. Clarkson: So a dog oversteers which is more fun...
    2. Hammond: Than an under-steering hyena so you want a Mazda MX 5 because it’s rear wheel drive.
    3. May: There are times when I’m afraid I really don’t understand what my two colleagues are going on about…

  4. saries-27:

    Having a Top Gear evening.

    Watch ALL the specials!

    Well maybe not all of them. Watching the Bostwana and South American ones tonight for sure! :>

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  5. roxtunecars:

    Volkswagen Karmann G top gear

  6. justjezza:

    Wearing your glasses, Jezza style.


  7. Top Gear

    1. James: You're wearing tights.
    2. Richard: Yes.
    3. James: I cant take a lesson in physics from a man wearing tights.

  8. "I absolutely hope James May wakes up in the morning and ten thousand insects are in his underpants."

  9. "Tonight, on Top Gear! I wear a hat. James wears a big hat. Richard wears a red hat."
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    We took the stig to the tip and threw him away

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    Jezza’s reaction when Hammond and May talk about Porsches

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